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The Quest for Mastery DVD Set

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On this new 4 Disc DVD set from Alakazam Magic, Michael Vincent brings his passion for Magic and his expert showmanship to a brand new conversation. This project explores how Michael thinks about taking the classics of magic and breathing new life into them. 

With a set that runs for over 6 hours The Quest for Mastery is all about elimination - removing the inessentials until all that is left is an elegantly crafted mystery - this process can take years to arrive at. Inspired by the philosophy of Robert Houdin, Dr Hofzinser, Dai Vernon and Darwin Ortiz, you have an opportunity to discover 'The Vincent Touch'. This is Michael's unique perspective on classical effects and how to make them relevant for today's modern audiences. This is a master class in magical construction, design and artistic performance. 

Disc 1: Performances 

Live Show at Eastwell Manor
2 Hands - Three Coins 
My Rope Routine - 'Humble Beginnings' 

In Memory of Hofzinser 
Stand-up Triumph 
Stand-Up Twisting The Aces 
An Ace Problem aka 'Grown Up Hofzinser' 
Card at a Number 
Remember and Forget

Disc Two: Performances 

Prologue: The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic 

The Legendary Conus Aces 


Vincent on Conus - Complete Explanation with a mention of 'The One Shuffle Finale'. 

The McDonald Aces with 'The Vincent Switch' 


Disc Three: Performances & Explanations 

Close-up Card Magic: Set One 

Look an Illusion. 

The Vincent Revelation with thanks to Larry Jennings - The Interlaced Vanish meets The Jennings Revelation

The Invisible Palm - A re-examination. 

Close-up Card Magic: Set Two 

The Swing Beat Aces. 

The Vincent Combination with thanks to Darwin Ortiz. 

Cy Endfield's 'Gambler Out-Gambled'


Disc Four: Bonus Goodies 

Conversation with Chris Harding - Life after the first 3 Volumes with updates and revisions: 

Kismet Updated. 

Vincent's Aces Version II. 

4Play with Foursome 'The Out'. 

Pandora's Paradox-Additional Finesse. 

The Vincent Set-up for The Zarrow Shuffle. 

Bonus Performances: 

My Favorite 

The Devilish Miracle - Tribute to Marlo (Performance only). 

The Progressive Revelation & Explanation.

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