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The End Times Magazine Issue #1


Ryan Matney has begun a quarterly magazine FULL of close up magic. The reviews so far have been very positive. I was able to secure a small number H & R. The tricks are not difficult to do and are fun to play with and perform. 


Dislocation--Ryan Matney -----------------------------------------------------Pg. 5
From The Shelter--------------------------------------------------------------Pg. 12
Cerebral Ballsy--Hal Croves--------------------------------------------------Pg. 13
Mate Locate--Ryan Matney ---------------------------------------------------Pg. 20
In a Lonely Place--Ryan Matney --------------------------------------------Pg. 27
Direct Ace Cutting--Nathan Colwell----------------------------------------Pg. 34
When Johann Met Charlie--Tony Miller----------------------------------Pg. 40
All Your Ace Are Belong to Us--Ryan Matney---------------------------Pg. 45
Return of the Dead Cut--Ryan Matney------------------------------------Pg. 53
Route 213--Zombie Dead Marlo -----------------------------------------------Pg. 62

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