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Genii Magazine November 2002

"Passion for Illusion" by Richard Kaufman

"Tenyo 2003" by Richard Kaufman

"Soul of the Butterflies" by Dr. Hiroshi Sawa

"Fantasma-gorical" by Matthew Field

"Genii Speaks" by Richard Kaufman

"Flibbertygibberty" by Jon Racherbaumer

"The Art of Chapeaugraphy" by james Hodges

"Speaking Volumes" by David Regal

"A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities 40" by Edwin A. Dawes

"The Schneider Technique: Ego Magic" by Al Schneider

"Traveling Tales" by Bill Goldman


"The Coin Mysteries of Dr. Sawa" by Richard Kaufman

"Marvelous Coin to Ring"

"Mother and Daughter"

"The Sleeve Shootout"

"Remote Control Coins Through Table"

"Why a Big Purse?"


Books - Jamy Ian Swiss

Videos - Matthew Field

Tricks - Danny Orleans

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