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Genii Magazine February 2009

    • Format: Paperback
    • Publication Summary: 2009, 112 pages
Another great issue! Hiro Sakai on the cover and featured in the cover story by editor/publisher Richard Kaufman and with several tricks included. There is also a Paul Harris trick and an essay on Fred Robinson by the late Bob Read. Plus a tribute to the late Geoff Lata by his friend Jamy Ian Swiss.

Features 56 Hiro Worship by Richard Kaufman 59 The Magic of Hiro Sakai by David Acer 59 Currency Swap 63 Quiet Revolution 65 The Bill Doctor 71 YKK 74 Balloon Bank Nite 76 The Strange Pass 77 The Uncluttered Mind 48 The Pointer Anomaly by Paul Harris 86 On Fred Robinson by Bob Read

Columns 9 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman 12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer 13 Now Performing at The Magic Castle and in Las Vegas 14 Cryptic Crossword, No. 2 by Josh Mandel 15 Max Maven’s Monthly Inquisition 16 Real Magic by Peter Lamont 18 Osborne Illusions A Poor Man’s Mind Reading Act by Paul Osborne 20 Genii Session Assemblage III by Roberto Giobbi 32 LodeStones The Obsessive Mantra by Tom Stone 40 In Memoriam Geoffrey Latta by Jamy Ian Swiss 42 The Pink Purse Tape—An Appreciation by Eric Mead 95 Top 10 Best-Selling Products

Light From the Lamp 94 Books Reviewed by R. Paul Wilson 94 The Magic of Fred Robinson by Peter Duffie 96 Solo by Jack Kent Tillar 97 Duet by Jack Kent Tillar

97 Tricks Reviewed by David Regal 97 Paul Harris Presents Tattoo Joe by Joe Russell 98 The Shakespeare Experiment by Todd Karr 98 The Allakazam Egg by Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell Wilson 98 A Disappearing Deck by Ron Wilson 98 Thoughtless by Peter Nardi 99 Silver Impression by Alex Lourido 99 The Lady Vanishes 99 Stage Size Money Maker 99 Motorized Match Box Reel 99 Mismade Lady 100 Magician’s Waistcoat 100 The Capitulating Queens by James Swain 100 Outflushed by Derek Dingle 100 Wayne Fox’s Full House by Wayne Fox 100 Two-Faced by Richard Osterlind

101 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner 101 The Doctor Is In! (Volumes 1-6) by Dr. Hiroshi Sawa 102 Pocket This! by Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones 102 Banding Around by Russell Leeds 103 The World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians: Card Fanning, Color-Changing Deck

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