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Cabinet: Issue 33 Deception

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    • Format: Paperback
    • Publication Summary: 2009, 106 pages

  • Inventory / My Rock Is a Purse
    Susan Greenspan
    Geological fallacies
  • Ingestion / The X Factor
    D. Graham Burnett
    Professor Pettenkofer’s miasmatic gamble
  • Colors / Porphyry
    Catherine Hansen
    Blood from a stone
  • Leftovers / Dinner with Kant
    Christopher Turner
    The taste of disgust
  • Head Trips
    Jordan Bear and Albert Narath
    The social inversions of the comic foreground
  • Artist Project / The Grey Unknown
    Justin Storms
  • The Gothenburg Leviathan
    Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas J. Magnusson
    Into the belly of the Malm Whale
  • Rain and Rainfall—Great Britain—Periodicity—Periodicals
    Edward Eigen
    The quest for a “perfect patterne”
  • A Case of Erotic Engineering
    Thomas A. P. van Leeuwen
    Looking for Gustave Eiffel in the lingerie department
  • Let’s Make a Deal
    Herant Katchadourian
    The protocols of haggling
  • The Crucial Moment of Deception
    Hanna Rose Shell
    Abbott Handerson Thayer’s law of protective coloration
  • Mark of Integrity
    Jonathan Allen
    A brief history of card tricks
  • The Golden Lasso
    Ken Alder
    Wonder Woman and the birth of the lie detector
  • Deception as a Way of Knowing: A Conversation with Anthony Grafton
    D. Graham Burnett and Anthony Grafton
    The cops and robbers of history
  • Artist Project / Meanwhile in Nigeria…
    Julieta Aranda
  • Brotherly Deception
    Jeffrey Croteau
    The Album of Masonic Impostors
  • Slettemark / Nixon
    Mats Bigert
    I’m not a crook, I’m an artist
  • The Fall and Rise of Ernest Lalor Malley
    Christine Wertheim
    The poet who wasn’t
  • Artist Project / All Work and No Play
    Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
  • The Perfect Crime
    Brian Dillon
    An open letter to the editors of frieze magazine
  • In the Orchards of Nostalgia
    George Makari
    Hiding in plain sight
  • Bookmark / BOOK MARK
    Like we said
  • Postcard / School of Crock
    James Hogue’s Ivy League con
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