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Behind Your Forehead Lecture CD

    • Format: CD-ROM
Jared Kopf is known in the underground for this close up sleight of hand magic, but what is not as well known is his creativity when it comes to performing and creating mentalism. This CD contains Jared's notes in PDF format, so they can be read on your computer or portable device.

Paying with Magazine Clippings - They believe they see cash, and offer to sell you their clothes. What they thought was cash, are now clippings from a magazine. Altering someone's perception should not be this easy.

A Simple Game - Jared's version of which hand, done with three objects and three people. The routine builds to an impossible conclusion.

Impromptu Graphology - a way to mark four of the spectator's business cards on the fly. Combine this with any pseudopsychometry routine you know and blow some minds.

The Tarot Is Typically Tommyrot - a fortune telling routine done with a regular deck of cards

Run, Luke! Run! - Paul Swinford with a mentalism twist.

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