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The Little Egypt Book of Numbers

    • Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket
    • Publication Summary: 2004, 128 pages
    • Publisher: H & R Magic Books

The Book of Numbers has nothing to do with numbers but is instead a collection of routines created primarily for Steve's performance in the nightspots of the "Little Egypt" section of Southern Illinois, where towns bear such names as Cairo, Thebes and Karnak. To play in these challenging venues, the routines must be quick, direct and easy to follow. Most involve off-beat presentations guaranteed to be remembered. None use difficult sleight of hand, relying more on presentational nuances and subtle touches.


As for the tricks themselves, all but one - a version of Milt Kort's Coins Through Table - are card tricks. But these aren't just your Uncle Ed's card routines. They include a dark version of Spectator Cuts the Aces, Card to Zipper that makes hilarious use of a "Looong Card," an eerie card rise, a card transposition using beer (or drink of your choice), a Haunted Pack routine involving a Houdini Seance, several card to impossible locations including one to a belly button ring, a profane (and deceptive) version of the 21 Card Trick, a version of Everywhere and Nowhere using celebrities, and a routine in which a selected card is found in an apple (using a Super Soaker - you don't see many tricks like that!), and much, much more. Please do not purchase this book if you are easily offended by adult themes and language.

This fully illustrated manuscript contains twenty fantastic routines. Steve Bryant uses only the most efficient effects that hold the attention of the audience and prime them for the next routine. All of his routines contain excellent patter that leads the audience through each effect, enhancing the entire magical experience.

Content Includes:

* Catch 22 * Motel 666 * 20,000 Leagues under the suds * Love Potion Number 9 * I Can Name That Card in 4 Notes * Unholy Trinity * 60 - Second Card Reading * Duffie Deep-Sixed * Patter For Sawing a Naked Lady in Two * October 31, 1926 * Chandu, the Mind reader Plays Five-Card Draw * Drawn & Quartered * Eight-Card Brainwave Goes to Paris * The World's Most Obscene 21-card trick * 221B Baker Street * Hollywood 90028 * Ascanio to the 1st Power * A Two-Dollar Miracle * Cheaper by the Dozen * Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Hardbound 128 pages

Media Type Shipped Product

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