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The Difficult Second Album

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    • Format: Saddle-stitched
    • Publication Summary: 2012, 27 pgs.

Table of Contents:

I'd Like to Thank... -

Whatever Number Mentioned -A card to any number effect

Al-Together Now -An impromptu A.C.A.A.N.

Ardroil Reset -a version of Reset in which you can show both packets cleanly at the end

Upstanding Collectors -A walk around version of Collectors

Herbridean Sandwich - a sandwich routine with a snap back finish

Selected Vanish - 2 selected cards jump to the pockets with the deck vanishing at the end, leaving the 3rd selection in the performer's hands

Come Join the Gang - A Multiple Selection Routine

A Top Change - Peter's personalized handling of the top change with ideas from David Williamson, Larry Jennings, and Hofzinser

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