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State of the Act

  • 2016
  • saddle-stitched

We have carried some of Chris' lecture notes before. STATE OF THE ACT is his new booklet that he sells at lectures and it contains magic with everyday items. The eight effects include:

  • Surface Tension - A signed coin penetrates a coffee cup
  • Steep - A signed tea tag ends up inside a sealed tea bag
  • Refund - A receipt visually changes into cash
  • Sidamo - a spectator draws a picture of their biggest enemy on a napkin and writes their name on it. They tear the napkin and the magician is able to describe features of their enemy as well as the name
  • Gum2 - Torn and restored stick of gum
  • Strawesome 2.0 - change the type of drink in a glass as you are sipping it through the straw. Visual drink change
  • Treasurer - High tech, modern bill serial number divination
  • Tricep Coin Routine - A half dollar changes into a coin from a called out country as the magician flips it


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