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Magic with Himber Rings


Do you own a Himber Ring? Now is the time to step up your game! Here is a book teaching numerous, wonderful things you can do with Himber Rings! Over 20 routines and tricks are described. The text covers much of the history of the Himber Ring, the different styles, and tricks you can do with them! A number of the routines have not previously been published. Several of the routines described make use of two Himber Rings, enabling you to do some really amazing-looking effects not possible with a single gimmicked ring! 

Learn the extraordinary effects that await you in Magic with Himber Rings

63 pages 
Soft bound 
Size 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches 
20 tricks and ideas described 
SKILL LEVEL- Intermediate

Media Type Shipped Product

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