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Just About Anywhere

    • Format: Stapled
    • Publication Summary: 2012, 15 pgs.

I picked these latest notes up from Cameron at Magi-Fest. Contents include:

First Aid Box - a torn and restored card box

Gemini Annihilator - A streamlined version of Cameron's marketed Annihilator Deck

Shades of Silver - A Matrix Routine

Homing Coming - An homing card routine

Providence - A Sandwich effect

Humming Words - a word divination using business cards

Hold That Ghost - Inspired by Roy Walton's Ambitious Ghost. A four card elevator effect with a double climax

Over and Out - A version of the Inversion plot

Coin in I.D. - a chosen coin penetrates a laminated business card

Mercury Card Load - A way to load a folded card into a card box.

Media Type Shipped Product

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