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Details of Deception

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A new volume of  hard-hitting, card work from Greg Chapman.



My take on this mental classic. No sleights. Any Card. You don't need to know the spectator's number. They can deal. Jan Forster described this routine as "simply brilliant!"

Two Card Switch: A terrible hold'em hand instantly changes into pocket kings.
Rubaway Switch: 
A unique take on a classic quick visual sequence. A card changes, vanishes then reappears.  
Five Card Switch
Five random cards change to a Royal Flush, the cards can be shown front and back. The cards never go near the deck, and only five cards are used.
OHSD Switch
An imperceptible utility switch that can be used to switch one card for another.
The Accomplice
From a shuffled deck, a spectator deals their accomplice a winning hand.
A quick sandwich routine. A lost selection is found between two face-up cards. The method is invisible to an audience yet happens right under their noses.
Any Pair
An open two phase betting game with real money on the line, where no matter how much freedom and choice you offer, the spectator just cannot get a winning hand. 
Card at Number
A CAAN where you the spectator can deal, and takes the deck before naming their number. In fact you don't need to know their number, yet their selection will be in the correct position every time. Did I mention it's completely impromptu?
MD Poker
A two phase poker routine where your opponent deals. Read your opponent, and describe their hand. Twice, they cut and deal, and you play your hand blind both times, correctly reading your opponent. 
OCM v2
After pocketing a card unseen, the spectator helps mix the cards, and with just a second or two looking at the cards spread, you can name their card. This is a routine with a BIG bonus. 
That Old Trick
An impossible card location, and the perfect application for a classic technique that many shy away from. Well, no longer! Learn how to use the technique with confidence. 
The Stranger
Another completely impossible mind-reading miracle, where the spectator selects and loses a card in the deck while you look away.  
Fine Print
Under the cleanest conditions, you can instantly name a selected card.
Sneaky Three
A show stopping multi-phase routine. A closer for the mental performer who uses playing cards.
Stacked to Win
A three-phase stacking routine. Everything is not as it seems.
Holdem Demo
A multi-phase demo with a progressive build. Repeatedly stack a winning hand to any player nominated, regardless of shuffles. Ends with a surprise kicker.
Three Cards
A stand-up multi-phase Cards to Pocket routine. Cards repeatedly vanish at the  fingertips and are found in the pocket. Always show an empty hand before removing each card.
Improve your estimation skills and discover reliable ways to use estimation in your performance. Learn how to cut to a named number of cards, correctly guess cut amounts, and even have your spectator correctly guess cut amounts.
Learn a variety of peeks and applications.A spectator shuffles the deck, and the performer is still instantly able to begin removing specific cards without looking at the cards, even with the deck held behind his back. 
Deck Switch
A practical sleight of hand deck switch technique. 







"Details of Deception is a great read for advanced card workers.  Great section on the second deal. Stacked to Win & The Hold’em Demo will put your second deal chops to the test.  Highly recommended.”

- Paul Gertner


"If you enjoyed Greg's "The Devil's Staircase" - I loved it! - then you should get his new masterpiece "Details of Deception". What a modest title! Apart that you will learn some very original twists of sleights you do or will use for sure from now on, it is the wealth of practical applications within the pages that might overwhelm you. And if you are like me an aficionado of memorized deck magic this book is a must read. With Greg's "A.C.A.A.N.", "Sneaky Three" and "The Stranger"  (all are devilishly clever) I fell in love straight away. "

- Jan Forster


“WOW what a book. Chapman has done it again! Details of Deception is a perfect title for this book as the authors covers moves and routines in perfect details ...the chapters on the second deal, peeks and the shiner are unequalled. These chapters should be worth the price of the book alone”

- Sal Piacente


Details of Deception “Very simply, if you do card magic, get this book! If you don't, you will be fooled by someone that did. When I read the book I found myself saying, "This is a good idea," "This trick would have fooled me." "I will use this." My favorite routines were: Any Pair, A.C.A.A.N., MD Poker, That Old Trick, The Stranger, and Sneaky Three. Highly recommended.”

- Steve Ehlers


Details of Deception "This is a must-have book if you like gambling routines and very subtle principles. Greg describes among other things his incredibly natural second deal which is really different. He worked on a way to rise his left thumb during each deal - as you would normally do - and the result is quite interesting. You have a feeling of naturalness which is incomparable when you watch it. You will also find a lot of very clever ideas I am sure you will like if you are a serious card worker. I highly recommend this book." 

- Jean Jacques Sanvert


Details of Deception “There's so much useful information in here. A few of the book's "throwaway" comments about the humble ribbon spread, for example, may well change the way you generally present your card magic. Where Greg's book may differ from some of the other current offerings is in the way that he does not hesitate to layer one deceptive technique on top of the other to produce an effect that has no way to be backtracked. The combination of techniques that Greg explores to get ahead of the spectators is downright unsporting. They don't have a chance.”

- Jack Shalom

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