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Doc Eason Live Vol.3 (Download)

    • Format: Video Download
    • Publication Summary: 2003, 103 minutes
Volume Three
  • All Screwed Up-a hilarious opening trick using hardware!
  • Impossible Opener-a cornerstone of Doc's act for over 15 years.
  • The Color-Changing Deck-the stunning version that gets 'em watching!
  • The Anniversary Waltz-the most commercial card trick ever devised.
  • Max Maven's "Tearable"-visually stunning and designed to "work."
  • The Cocktail Napkin Rose-worth the price of the video!
  • Copper/Silver/Brass Transposition-widely acclaimed as the definitive version.
  • The crowning piece-J.C. Wagner's Card on the Ceiling, Doc's closer for 20 years.
  • Larry West's Bill Counting Trick- a long-standing undergound classic.
  • Media Type Digital Lesson