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The Cardiste (eBook Download)

    • Format: PDF
    • Publication Summary: 156 pgs.
The Legendary CARDISTE!
Long out of Print.

One of the Most Influential Card Magazines Ever Produced!

Issue Number 1
To a Memory
Strictly Straight
Rusduck Bridge
Forever Royal - And Yet Again
Rusduck "Stay-Stack" System

Issue Number 2
Hocus Poker
Nudeck Speller
"Sneaky Pete" Repeat
An Oddity
Faro Favorites
Anyone for Bridge?

Issue Number 3
Rusduck Four-Way Deal
The Lost Ace
Sorcerer's Seven
Faro Fantasies

Issue Number 4
Poker Poser
Study in Stud
Suicide Build
Sorcerer's Sevens II
Bottom Run Up
Flip Deck
Faro Favorites

Issue Number 5
M.K. Telephone Code System
Straight Cheating
Sorcerer's Sevens III
Color Separation
Faro Favorites
Aces Up

Issue Number 6
Los Vegas Deck
Stud Students Stumped
The Coconut Poker Deal
Another Impromptu OOTW
Full Deck Speller
Revolving Poker
Major-Minor Do-as-I-do
Arab Roto-Pack
Ambitious 52

Pages: 156 - 8.15" x 11" - Hyperlinked. Fully Illustrated with color photographs. - PDF FORMAT

Media Type Digital Lesson