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Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 (DVD)
Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 (DVD)

The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series $79.95 $62.00
Author(s): Ganson, Lewis
Media: Books
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket
Publication Summary: 2010, 560 pp

Beginning in the late 1970’s, Lewis Ganson, one of magic’s most respected writers, produced a series of booklets that featured comprehensive, photo-illustrated instruction in many classic, time-honored effects. Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series booklets became instant classics, providing both beginning and experienced magicians with step-by-step instruction that featured Ganson’s clear prose along with scores of clear and concise photographs.

Now, for the first time, L&L Publishing has collected all 17 of these remarkable booklets into an amazing new volume–The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series. You’ll find clear instruction in card and coin magic, stage and manipulative effects and much, much more. Plus, in many cases, the original photography was rescreened, making this collection the best these booklets have ever looked. And, even if you could find them all, you would spend much more than the price of this book, particularly at collector’s prices. (Even at their original cover price, this new volume represents a savings of almost 70%!)

The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series gathers together the following titles:

Matching the Cards • Rovi Reveals • The Three Card Monte as Entertainment • Bernard's Lesson On Coin Magic • A New Look At the Okito Box • Colombini's Cups and Balls • Two in the Hand and One In The Pocket • Bernard's Lesson On Dice Stacking • The Hindu Thread Trick • A New Look at Card Fans • A Fantasy In Thimbles • Three Chinese Rings • Weston's Continuous Cigarette Production • The Floating and Dancing Cane • The Sympathetic Silks • Zombie: The Floating Ball • Colombini's Rings Supreme

You'll find magic from such luminaries as:

Lewis Ganson • Dai Vernon • Faucett Ross • Fred Lowe • Rovi • Ian Adair • Alex Elmsley • Aldo Colombini • Bobby Bernard • Eddie Joseph • Gerald Kosky • Ken de Courcy • Ali Bongo • Will Ayling • R. C. Buff • Werry ...and many more!

Whether you're a close-up magic enthusiast or a stage performer, you'll find an almost unbelievable wealth of ideas, routines, presentations and sleights in The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series to spark your imagination for many years to come.

A Staggering Amount of Material -
Here are the Table of Contents from each of the 17 Chapters:

Matching the Cards
Dai Vernon's Matching the Cards
Nate Leipzig's Comedy of Errors
Herbert Milton's Rendition of Matching the Cards
The Faucett Ross Version
Impromptu Matching - Faucett Ross
Fred Lowe's Matched Poker Deal
Gavilondo's Matching "Do As I Do"
Tribute to the Card Stars
   False Cut
   Double Lift
   Overhand False Shuffle
   Double Undercut
   Endfield Slip Cut

Rovi Reveals
Are You Colour Blind?
Reputation Maker
Card Through Table
Safe Bet
Three Pack Coincidence
The Top Change
   You Will Take The Joker
   Just For A Change
The Rovi Pass
Rovi Colour Change
Table Steal And Control
Watched Coins

The Three Card Monte as Entertainment
Part One - Sleight of Hand Methods
The Basic Move
The Overthrow
Erdnase - Vernon Overthrow
Knockout Three Card Monte Routine
   The Cards
   Style of Performance
   Bent Corner
   Tacked Card
   Paper Clip Climax
   The Optical Move
Part Two - Routines Using Special Cards
Street Traders' Three Card Monte
   To End Clean
   A Different Fake Card
The MacMillan Miracle
   The Fake Card
   Using the Card
Penny Wise
The Queen Goes Home
Pimpernel Card
Three Card Fooler
Two Blacks - One Red
Chase the Ace
Strip Tease Lady

Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic
The Coins
The Hands
Palming A Coin
   Thumb Grip Palm
   Stretch Palm
   Crease Palm   
   After Ramsay
Production In The Air
Double Production
The Miser's Misers Dream
Spellbound Move
Hummer Coin Penetration
The Downs' Coin Star
   The Bernard Lesson On The Coin Star
   Coins to Use
   Condition of the Hands
   Performing the Coin Star
   Placing Coins on Fingers and Thumb
   The Vanish
   The Production

A New Look at the Okito Box
The Basic Moves
   The Okito Turnover Move
   The Toss from Hand to Hand
   Righting the Box
Some Basic Effects
   Coin Through Box and Hand
   Coin Through Card
   Repeat Penetration Through Card
Magnetic Coins
   Two Times Ten
   Box Clever
   Sympathetic Okito
   Boston Two Step
Additional Moves with the Okito Box
   Colombini Turnover Move
   Turnover Move - After Gus Davenport
   Variation on Kaplan's Righting Move
Edward J. McLaughlin's Moves with the Okito Box
   Placing the Cover on the Bottom of the Box - Using One Hand
   Placing the Coin Between the Bottom of the Box and the Lid
   Visible Penetration of Coin Through Bottom of Box
   Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box - Using Both Hands
   Variation for Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box
   Transfer of Open Box from Hand to Hand

Colombini's Cups and Balls
The Colombini Presentation
Getting Ready
   The Optical Move
   The Can-Can Move
   The Tilt Move
   The Flying Catch
   The Travelling Balls
   Ball Through Table, Hand and Cups
   Miller Penetrations
   The Balls Penetrate Two Cups
   The Ultimate Vanish
   The Final Load
   The Climax

Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket
The Extra Ball Principle in Practice
The Climax
How Many?
False Transfer from One Hand to the Other
Hand-Over-Hand Move
Solid Dust
Sweet Trick
Back Again
The Magic Ring
Coke Capers
Other Routines

Bernard's Lesson on Dice Stacking
The Materials Needed
   The Working Surface
   The Dice
   The Cup or Shaker
Some Useful Tips
The Routine
   The Set-Up Position
   First Pick-Up Position
   Two Dice Stack
  Three Dice Stack
   Four Dice Stack
   Stacking in Pairs
   Stacking Four Together
   Reading the Top Number
   White in the Middle
Patter and Presentation
An Additional Effect

The Hindu Thread Trick
Baker-Kaplan-Warlock-Trixer Version
   The Thread
Marconick's Gypsy Thread
Easy Gypsy Thread - Lewis Ganson
Ali Bongo's Experience
   The Routine
   The Thread or Cotton
   Shows for Children
   The Needle Threading Addition
   Jewelled Scabbard Gag
   Humorous Gypsy Thread
   Disposal of the Pieces
   Breaking the Thread
   Displaying the Pieces
   David Nixon's Idea
   The Bongo Gypsy Thread Suit
   A Note on Preparation
   Chadwick's Mending Cotton versus Tacking Thread
   Repeating Impromptu
Dany Ray's Presentation
Pat Conway's Routine

A New Look at Card Fans
The Origin of Card Fans
Cards Suitable for Fanning
Preparation of the Cards
Arranging the Cards
Forming Fans
   Standard Fans
   The Rosette
   Magical Standard Card Fans
To Close a Standard Fan
Double Fan Separation
The Flash Change
Fan, Steal and Production
Giant Fans
   The First Fan
   The Second Fan
To Square the Pack
   The Rip Off
   Waterfall Shuffle
The Spring Fan
Single Handed Fans
Magical Single Handed Fan
Fan False Shuffle
The Routine

A Fantasy in Thimbles
The Basic Moves
   The Lifting Move
   A Complete Vanish
   A Simple Routine
   A Novel Opening
Thimble Through Silk - Werry
Push Thru - Pull Thru - Ken de Courcy
Thimble Dye - Werry
Technicolor Thimbles - Werry
Uncle Henry's Thimble Trick - Ken de Courcy
Dean Metcalfe's Fantastic Thimble Routine

Three Chinese Rings
The Twisting Move
Linking Two Rings
Spinning the Rings
Unlinking Two Rings
Three Ring Routine - Rex Taylor
Aldo Colombini's Linking Ring Moves
  Two Rings and a Silk

Weston's Continuous Cigarette Production
The Action
The Set-Up
Variation - Colour Change
Variation - Card Revelation
Everything Happens for Ken Miller
   Brand-Changing Cigarette Packet
   Rising Cigarette
   Cigarette Packet to Banknote
   Banknote to Matches
   Coin from Banknote
The Vanishing King

The Floating and Dancing Cane
The Floating and Dancing Walking Stick
The Stick Dances
The Stick Floats
The Floating Walking Stick
   The Balance
   The Floating Moves
   The Stick Rises and Falls
   The Stick Floats
   The Stick Revolves in the Air
   The Stick Clings to the Hand
   The Stick Revolves on the Palm
   The Stick Revolves Horizontally in the Air
   Passing a Hoop Over the Stick
   Around the Hand
   A Juggling Feat
   The Climax - Two Sticks from One
      The Start
      A Flip of the Hand
      The Revolving Moves
      Using the Stick for Other Effects
      The Hook-Up or Loop
      The Stick Floats from Hand to Hand
The Dancing Walking Stick
   The Basic Move
   The Routine
   Floating Between the Hands
   The Stick Dances
   The Walk Past
   The High Swing
   The M Move
   The Twirl
   Through the Arms
   Around the Shoulders
   The Climax

The Sympathetic Silks
The Effect
To Hide the Knots
   Stage One - The Pick-Up
   Stage Two - The Count
   Stage Three - Tying the Silks
   Stage Four - The Secret Untying
   Stage Five - The Sympathetic Tying
   Stage Six - The Sympathetic Untying
   The Climax
   The Reef or Square Knot
   Rubber Bands
   A Different Set-Up

Zombie: The Floating Ball
Supreme Moves
Gavilondo's Start and Finish
Will Ayling's Zombie Routine
Gavilondo's Sacred Sun Ball
Gabilondo's Additional Sequence for a Zombie Routine
Gavilondo's Wrong Side Ball Appearance

Colombini's Rings Supreme
   The Count
   The Twisting Move
   The Snap Linking
   Spinning the Rings
   Revolve Unlink
   Thumbs Link
   Throw and Unlink
   The Crash Linking
   Slow-Motion Link
   Fly Up Unlink
   The Gag Link
   Rings Over the Arms
   Unlink and Penetration
   Spin Unlink
   Ring and Silk
   Two Rings and a Silk
   Three Rings and a Silk
   Unlinking Three Rings

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