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Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 (Download)
Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 (Download)

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Hades, Micky
Hadley, Paul R.
Hagan, Dave
Hagy, James
Haines, Ronald
Haire, Rosemary
Hale, Howard
Hale-Evans, Ron
Hall, Trevor
Hall, Ward
Hallas, Paul
Hallema, Flip
Hallett, David
Halm, Jean-Philippe
Hambly, Dave
Hamburg, Howard
Hamilton IBM Ring
Hamilton, Charles
Hamilton, Steve
Hamman, Bro. John
Hammond, Rae
Hamner, David
Hample, George
Hampton, Steven
Hanback, Frank
Hanes, Justin
Hanlon Bros.
Hannibal, Chris
Hanson, Herman and Zweers, John
Hanussen, Erik Jan
Harada, Daiki
Harbin, E.O.
Harbin, Robert
Harbottle, Kainoa
Hardison, Theo
Hardy, Mavin
Harel, Nimrod
hargrave, Catherine Perry
Hargrave, Sir John
Hargraves, Bob
Harkey, David
Harkleroad, Tim
Harlan, Dan
Harley, Nicholls
Harling, Ian and Nyrup, Martin
Harmer, Frank
Harpring, Jeff
Harrington, Margaret
Harris, Ben
Harris, Ed
Harris, Paul
Harris, Paul and Maxwell, Mike
Harrison, Charles
Harrison, John
Harrison, Nigel
Hartisch, Karl 'Whitey'
Hartling, Pit
Hartman, J.K.
Hartman, J.K.
Hartman, Jerry
Hartzman, Marc
Haskell, Bob
Hass, Larry
Hatch, Richard
Hatton, Henry and Plate, A.
Hatton, Henry and Plate Adrian
Hauss, Dan and White, Dan
Hauss, Dan
Havel, Victor
Haversat, David
Haversat, David E.
Havil, Julian
Hawkesworth, Eric
Hawkins, Emily
Hay, Henry
Hayden, Alan
Hayden, Allan
Haydn, Whit and Chef Anton
Haydn, Whit
Haydn, Whit and Chef Anton
Hayes, Lisa
Haynes, Steve
Haynes, Steve
Haynes, Steve
Haywood, Glenn
Hazel, Peter
Heath, Royal Vale
Hecklau, Axel
Hedan, Vincent
Heddle, Rebecca and Keable, Ian
Heflick, David
Heimel, Paul
Hein, Karl
Heine, Thomas and Mees, Rainer
Heinemann, Richard
Heldman, Ernie
Helik, Jim and Isaacs, Peter
Hemingway, David
Henderson, Brad
Henderson, M. Allen
Henning, Doug with Charles Reynolds
Henry, Thomas
Herbert, Harry
Herisko, Clarence
Hermalin, Mr.
Herman, Frank
Herrigel, Eugen
Herrman, Prof.
Herz, Bill and Paul Harris
Herz, Bill
Hetzler, Bruce
Heyl, Edgar
Hickok, Chuck
Hicks, Ron
Higham, Justin
Hildebrandt, Dale
Hilford, Docc and Knepper, Kenton
Hilford, Docc
Hill, Ed
Hill, Gordon
Hill, J. Dee
Hillhouse, Mial
Hilliard, John
Hills, George
Himber, Richard and Blake, George
Himber, Richard
Hines, C.G.
Hines, Terence
Hipskind, Judith
Hira, David
Histed, Louis
Hjortsberg, William
Ho Yam
Ho, Kevin
Ho, Oliver
Hobbs, Stephen
Hobson, Jeff
Hodges, James
Hoffmann, Professor
Hofner, John
Hofzinser, Johann
Hogan, Kevin and James Speakman
Holbrook, Brad
Holdcraft, Paul
Holden, Max
Hollingworth, Guy
Holmes, Donald
Holmes, Roy
Homan, Leslie
Home, Daniel
Hooper, Edwin
Hooser, Troy
Hope, James
Hopkins, Albert
Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, Julius
Horowitz, S. Leo
Horwitz, Basil
Houchin, Wayne
Houdini, Harry and Dunninger, Joseph
Houdini, Harry
Houghton, Norm
Houghton, William
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston, Frank
Houstoun, Will
Howard, Max
Howatt, Gordon M.
Howe, James
Howies, John
Hoy, David
Huber, Thomas
Huber, Volker
Hudson, Walt
Hudson, Walt and Ogden, Tom
Hugard, Jean and Braue, Fred
Hugard, Jean
Hugard, Jean and Braue, Frederick
Hugard, Jean and Wilson, R. Paul
Hughes, Frieda
Hughes, Jack
Hull, Burling
Hull, R. W.
Hummers, Bob
Hunt, Douglas and Hunt, Kari
Hunt, Gary
Hunter, J.A.H.
Hunter, Norman
Hunter, Rudy
Hunter, Rudy T.
Huot, Michael
Huot, Michel
Hustle, Danny
Hutchison, E.R.
Hyde, Stephen and Zanetti, Geno
Hyken, Shep
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01.Verbal Control
02.Nick Trostís Subtle Card Creations, Volume 1
03.Handcrafted Card Magic
04.Pure Effect
05.Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations, Volume 3
06.Designing Miracles
07.Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations Volume 4
08.Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations, Volume 2
09.The Expert at the Card Table: Powner Edition
10.The FFFF Book
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