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Color Changing Handkerchief
Color Changing Handkerchief
(Haydn, Whit)

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D'Arcy, Peter
Dacri, Steve
Daheim, Mary
Dalal, Sam
Dalal, Sam and Kundu, Solyl
Dalal, Sam and Mahadevananda
Dalal, Sam and Anitha + Sreenivas
Dalal, Sam and Shankar
Dalal, Sam and Magician Someeran
Dalal, Sam and Chowdhury, Deepak
Dalal, Sam and Bonerjee, Arun
Dalas, Sam and Sreenivas
Daley, Dr. Jacob
Damon, Dwight
Danata, Mike and Breese, Martin
Dancy, Luke
Daniel, Brian
Daniel, Noel and Mike Caveney, Jim Steinmeyer and Ricky Jay
Daniels, Paul
DaOrtiz, Dani and Engblom, Christian
DaOrtiz, Dani
DaOrtiz, Dani and Green, Lennart
Daortiz, Engblom and Gea
Darbyshire, Lydia
Dare, Sterling
Darling, Aage
Darwin, Gary
Daryl, none
Dau, Sumit
Daugherty, Tom
Davenport, Anne and Salisse, John
Davidson, Greg
Davies, Martin
Davies, Robertson
Davini, Herrmann
Davis, Berkley
Davis, David
Davis, Jimmy
Davis, Scott
Davis, Stan
Davison, Donn
Dawes, Edwin and Bailey, Michael
Dawes, Edwin
Dawkins, Richard
Dawson, Steve
Day, Jon
Dayton, Ronald
Dayton, Rondald
De Bevere, L.
De Courcy, Ken
de Cova, Alexander
De Matos, Luis
Dean, Dicky
Dean, George
Dean, Jack
Dean, Jason
Deavers, Jeffrey
DeBarros, Jules
Debler, Werner
DeCamps, Eric
DeCaston, Herbert
DeCourcy, Ken
Dee, Dave
DeLaTorre, Jose
DeLawrence, Geo. and Thompson, James "Kater"
DeLawrence, Geo.
Dell, Ralph
DeLong, Lance
Delvin, Jack
Demaline, Jesse
DeMar, Bill
Demarais, Kirk
DeMott, George
Denhard, Harold
Dennerlein, Jack
Derman, Lou
Derris, John
Desfor, Irving
Desmond, Paul
DeSouza, Marc and Green, Paul
DeSouza, Marc
Dessi, Patrick
DeVal, David
Devant, David
Devereaux, Eve
Devereux, Eve
Devine, David
DeVries, John
Dewdney, A.K.
Dewey, Herb
Dewey, Ralph
Dexter, Will
Dhotel, Jules
Diaconis, Persi and Graham, Ron
Diagram Group
Diamond, Joe
Diamond, Michael
Diamond, Paul
Diamond, Todd
Dibowski, Marc
Dickson, Craig
Dickson, Craig
Dietrich, and Jarrow
Dietrich, Bud
Digest, Reader's
Dill, Dean
Dimelow, Dominic
Dingle, Derek
Dinkin, Greg and Gitomer, Jeffrey
Ditchoff, Pamela
Dittrich, Rudolf
Dixon, Cox
Dixon, Doc
Dixon, Franklin
Dixon, Franklin W.
Dobrowolski, Tom
Dobson, Steve
Dobson, Wayne
Docherty, Doc
Dodge, Johnny
Dodson, Goodlette
Doebler, Ludwig
Doerflinger, William
Doggett, Bob
Doggett, R.L
Dolan, Edward
Dondrake, and Geno Munari
Donohue, Walt
Doom. Dr.
Dornfeld, Werner ("Dorny")
Douglas, Bert
Doumergue, Yves
Dowden, Matthew J.
Downs, T. Nelson
Dracup, Jim
Drake Publishers
Drake, David
Drake, Don
Draper, Paul
Draun, Steve
Dreher, Carl
Driscoll, Ken
Driver, Don
Driver, Don
Drury, Steve
Dudeney, H.E.
Dudgeon, Frank
Duffie, Peter and Robertson, R.
Duffie, Peter
Duffie, Peter and Robertson, Robin
Duffie, Peter and Colombini, Aldo
Dugdale, Chris
Duncan, W. S.
Dunhill, Ed
Dunn, Bob
Dunn, Katherine
Dunn, Kathrine
Dunn, Ricki
Dunninger, Joseph
Duperre, Steve
Durham, Geoffrey
During, Simon
Dusenbery, H. Syril
Dusheck, Steve
Duval, Ade
Duvivier, Dominique
Dyne, Ken
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