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Tom and His Merry Men (a.k.a. I want to be a Spanish Magician when I Grow Up)
Tom and His Merry Men (a.k.a. I want to be a Spanish Magician when I Grow Up)
(Dobrowolski, Tom)

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Abagnale, Frank W.
Abbott, Bill
Abbott, Bill and Peck, David
Abbott, David P.
Abbott, Percy
Abe Enterprises
Abisch, Roz and Kaplan, B.
Abisch, Roz
Abraham, R.M.
Abram, David
Abrams, Max
Acer, David
Ackerman, Allan
Adair, Ian
Adams, Howard
Adams, Howard and Wagner, Bob
Adams, Joey
Adams, Martin
Adams, Peter
Adams, Phylliss
Adams, Ralph
Adrion, Alexander
Agee, Jon
Alan Wong and Steve Marshall
Alan, Don
Alan, Wayne
Alberstat, Paul
Albert, Les
Albo, Robert
Alborough, John
Albright, Howard
Alburger, James
Alden, John
Aldini, none
Aldrich, Steve
Alex, Lee
Alexander, C.
Alexander, Joerg
Alexander, John
Alexander, John and Brinson, Christopher
Alexander, Lloyd
Alexander, Scott
Alford, Jason
Alfredson, James
Alfredson, Jim
Alkemade, Fritz
Allan, C.
Allen, Alexander
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Dave
Allen, George
Allen, Harry
Allen, Jon
Allen, Ken
Allen, Lee
Allen, Mark
Allen, Stan
Allen, Steve
Allerton, Bert
Allerton, Bert
Allesi, Ron
Altgelt, Frederick
Amato, Bruce
Amira, Pablo
Amman, Michael
Ammar, Michael
Amodei, Ivan
And, Metin
Anderson, Bill
Anderson, Doug
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, George
Anderson, George B.
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Harry and Jon Racherbaumer
Anderson, Harry and Pipkin, Turk
Anderson, Melvin
Anderson, Scott K.
Andino, Andreas and Erns, Oliver
Andino, Andreas Michel
Andino, Andreas-Michel
Andreae, Christine
Andrews, Carl
Andrews, Max
Andrews, Paul
Andrews, Val
Andrews, W.S.
Andrus, Jerry
Andruzzi, Tony
Angel, Criss
Annemann, Ted
Annemann, Theo.
Anness, Diane
Anthony, Walt
Antion, Tom
Aragon, Woody
Arce, Greg
Arce, Greg and Luduena, Federico
Arch, Dave
Archer, Danny
Archer, John
Arkomanis, Persus
Armstrong, Bruce
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, Jon
Armstrong, Jon and Costa, Mike
Army, Dan
Army, Dan
Arneson, D.J.
Arnold, Peter
Aronson, Simon
Arrowsmith, George
Arthur, R.E.
Asbury, Herbert
Asbury, Kelly
Ascanio, Arturo de
Ash, Mr.
Asher, Lee
Asher, Lee & Wilson, Paul
At the Table Lectures
Atkins, Jeffery
Atmore, Joseph
Auer, James
Avadon, David
Aveni, Anthony
Aviles, Rich
Avis, Jack
Avis, Jack and Jones, Lewis
Aylesworth, Thomas
Ayling, Will
ayling, will
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